The goal of the Club is to promote the Braque Francais in Quebec and to contribute, more largely,
to its expansion in the rest of Canada and in America.

Moreover, the Club will promote mutual assistance between members by various means such as:

-Support for the acquisition of a dog(advice on the quality of the lineal ancestry, steps to take towards amateur
and professional breeding, advice on importation)

-Advice for Breeding(studs, opportunity for litters, pertinence and opportunities
for litters at a genetic level, etc…)

-This mutual assistance could take the form of service/advice and all means of mutual assistance
pertaining to new owners who wants to train and develop the qualities of his Braque Francais.

-Share common knowledge of equipment.

Finally, the Club will promote exchanges between members first, and also with any other person that shares
the same passion, no matter where, what background or language spoken;
by any traditional means or modern means, such as the internet, mailing list, so on so forth.